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Reporting the Keystone pipeline public comment meetings

By Sheryl Teslow and Lori McGowan In 2013, the U.S. State Department held a public comment hearing in Grand Island, Neb., as part of the presidential permit application. The pipeline is designed to carry tar-sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast for refinery and export. Because it crosses the border with Canada, the presidential permit is required. Latimer Reporting was hired to report the day-long hearing. Lori and I took … [Continue reading...]

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New professional spotlight: Jessie Frey

By Jennifer Porto Jessie Frey has just celebrated her first year working as a freelance deposition reporter. She was a stellar student with infectious enthusiasm. Have you ever met someone who exudes positivity and makes you want to run the extra mile? That is Jessie. She was not immune to the struggles that every court reporting student faces, but she had the will to achieve. By surrounding herself with other mentors who matched her optimism … [Continue reading...]

Among the elite: Earning the RDR

By Megan Rogers “Earning the Registered Diplomate Reporter certification is the crown jewel of our profession, demonstrating competence and experience in all aspects of court reporting,” said Lisa DiMonte, RDR, CMRS, who earned the RDR in October 2016. Less than 5 percent of NCRA members hold the RDR certification, which is NCRA’s highest degree of certification. The RDR means different things to different people who earn it. For some, the … [Continue reading...]

TechLinks: Travel apps

By Jennifer Late and Susie Simmons The Technology Committee recently shared a number of travel apps designed to make your travel easier whether your journey takes you across the state or around the globe. Lisa Knight, FAPR, RDR, CRR, says there are several travel apps that she can’t live without. Google Maps: This app works without being on WiFi. You can still see where you are on the map. Uber: This is a great way to get a ride … [Continue reading...]

Shaun Young, RPR


Currently resides in: Jacksonville, Fla. Employment type: Freelance reporter in criminal court Member since: 2002 Graduated from: Stenotype Institute Theory: Thyra Ellis What are your favorite briefs? Instead of making briefs for two-stroke words, I try to make briefs for longer words, especially since criminal court uses a lot of the same jargon. One of my favorite briefs that I use is BEX (beyond and to the exclusion of all … [Continue reading...]

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The aspiring realtime warrior

By Michelle Kirkpatrick Let’s start right off with a controversial topic. I've heard it said there's a breakdown of abilities and skill levels within court … [Read More...]

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Reporting the Keystone pipeline public comment meetings

By Sheryl Teslow and Lori McGowan In 2013, the U.S. State Department held a public comment hearing in Grand Island, Neb., as part of the … [Read More...]

Cosby trial puts court stenographer in spotlight

In a June 15 post on his blog, Carl Hessler Jr., a journalist who covers the Montgomery County (Pa.) Courthouse, praised the professionalism of NCRA … [Read More...]

Court reporting dominates local news in Texas

NCRA members Cayce Coskey, RPR; Leslie Ryan-Hash; Carol Smith, RPR; and Nardi Reeves were quoted in an article posted June 18 by the Times Record, … [Read More...]

NCRA member recognized for new certification

The Observer-Reporter, Washington, Pa., posted a press release on June 17 announcing that NCRA member Amanda Lundberg, RPR, CRC, recently has earned … [Read More...]

Former NCRA member Alan Roberts passes away

The Sun-Sentinel reported on June 17 that retired NCRA member Alan Roberts, FAPR, RPR, passed away in Boca Raton, Fla. Roberts was a past president of … [Read More...]

National Court Reporters Foundation Trustees announced

The NCRA Board of Directors elected the following individuals to the 2017-2018 National Court Reporters Foundation Board of Trustees: Danielle … [Read More...]

Former NCRA member Michael David Clepper passes away

The Houston Chronicle reported on June 14 that former NCRA member Mike Clepper of Houston, Texas, passed away on June 2, after a brief battle with … [Read More...]

Rhode Island community requires closed captioning

The Valley Breeze reported on June 14 that officials in Pawtucket, R.I., approved a mandate that requires closed captioning be turned on at all times … [Read More...]

VITAC joins Sports Group Video as a corporate sponsor

A press release issued June 13 announced that VITAC, based in Canonsburg, Pa., has become a corporate sponsor of the Sports Video Group. Read more. … [Read More...]

Steno Services expands to nationwide coverage

A press release issued June 12 announced that Oklahoma City-based Steno Services is partnering with a broad range of firms and advertising across the … [Read More...]

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