Court reporter: One good job that doesn’t require a four-year degree

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyGoodCall posted an article on July 25 about the benefits of pursuing a career in court reporting and captioning. NCRA member Peg Sokalski, CRI, court reporting program director at MacCormac College, Chicago, Ill., is quoted in the article.

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NCRA member’s CART work featured in local paper

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyOn July 11, the Northwest Boomer and Senior News posted an article featuring NCRA member Elizabeth Archer, a CART captioner in Portland, Ore. Archer is the owner of Archer Captioning.

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Task force to consider court reporter shortage

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyThe reported on July 12 that the Tennessee Supreme Court has created a task force of judges, clerks, and court reporters to study a continued shortage of court reporters to record trials in criminal courts. Among the group’s members is NCRA member Anita Polk, an official court reporter with the 21st Judicial District.

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NCRA member’s judge moves into new office space

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyNCRA member Marcia Chandler, RPR, an official court reporter from Charles Town, W. Va., was mentioned in a July 16 article posted by that featured a tour of Circuit Judge Bridget M. Cohee’s new office in the Jefferson County Judicial Center.

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Coax Magazine interviews NCRA member Norma Miller

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyNorma Miller, RPR, CRR, CRC, a CART captioner from St. Albans, Vt., was featured in a June 26 interview with Coax Magazine. In the lighthearted interview, Miller talks about how she got into court reporting and captioning, the challenges of captioning comedians, and the time she may have inadvertently compromised the safety of the president, among other things.

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NCRA President Tiva Wood interviewed about the profession

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyOn July 5, The Wall Street Journal posted an article quoting NCRA President Tiva Wood about what court reporters and captioners do.

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Firm posts blog about recent media opportunity

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyParadigm Reporting & Captioning posted a blog on June 27 about a recent interview by a local CBS affiliate with the firm’s Director of Reporter Relations Merilee Johnson, RDR, CRR, CRC.

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NCRA member honored by school with Alumni Award of Distinction

RenaNCRA member Rena Nathanail, a broadcast captioner and owner of National Captioning Canada, Calgary, Alberta, was recently honored by her alma mater, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), with its Alumni Award of Distinction. She was recognized in May for her outstanding career as an entrepreneur and her support of the community.

Nathanail’s firm is the largest Canadian-based provider of live closed captioning. With more than 100 employees working from home studios across Canada, the company provides 1,800 hours of closed captioning and realtime transcription services a week for news, sports, political commentary, entertainment, and government proceedings. Their clients include major broadcasters across the country like Rogers, Bell, Shaw and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as the Alberta Legislature and the House of Commons.

According to the press release announcement, when Nathanail started working in Toronto in the 1980s, the field of closed captioning was a fledgling industry. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission had just begun to mandate that broadcast stations provide closed captioning for a certain amount of hours of programming per day as a condition of license. Nathanail, who graduated from NAIT’s court reporting program in 1984, was one of only two realtime closed captioners in Canada working for the sole not-for-profit captioning provider; it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“I started the business in 1988, captioned full time at all hours of the day and night until 2001,” said Nathanail. “I hung up my captioning gloves then and focused solely on building the e-business. We have more than 100 employees stationed from Australia to France and everywhere in between,” she added.

Nathanail said she learned she was being nominated for the award by faculty of NAIT’s court reporting program, who she and her firm work closely with.

“We are on the NAIT advisory board, and we were instrumental in having the program changed to the broadcast captioning and court reporting program. We have our own captioners teaching continuing education using their knowledge of closed captioning and work with NAIT and other advocacy groups to set a standard and maintain the quality of closed captioning in Canada,” she said.

“I was honored to have been chosen, but the most important thing was it allowed me to recognize and give credit to my employees that helped build the business and provide such a valuable service to the hard-of-hearing community in Canada,” Nathanail added.

Good question: How do court reporters type so quickly?

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyOn June 21, CBS Minnesota aired a story about the court reporting profession that featured NCRA member Merilee Johnson, RDR, CRR, CRC, of Paradigm Reporting in Minneapolis, Minn.

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Cosby trial puts court stenographer in spotlight

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyIn a June 15 post on his blog, Carl Hessler Jr., a journalist who covers the Montgomery County (Pa.) Courthouse, praised the professionalism of NCRA member Ginny Womelsdorf, RPR, who reported the Bill Cosby trial. Hessler highlighted the extensive readback that Womelsdorf was asked to do and included positive reactions to her hard work from Twitter.

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