Last call for JCR Awards nominations

Nominations for the 2017 JCR Awards are closing Oct. 31. Nominate yourself or another noteworthy court reporter, captioner, videographer, scopist, teacher, school administrator, or court reporting manager for recognition through the JCR Awards.

Conceived as a way to recognize and highlight the exemplary professionalism, community service, and business practices of NCRA members, the JCR Awards is a way to tell compelling stories that bring to life innovative and successful business strategies from the past year. In addition to nominations for several subcategories, NCRA is looking for a firm and an individual who show excellence in more than one category for an overall “Best of the Year” award.

Any current NCRA member in good standing, with the exception of students, may be nominated for these awards. Court reporters, captioners, videographers, scopists, teachers and school administrators, and court reporting managers are all eligible for nomination. Self-nominations are accepted. Firms, courthouses, or court reporting programs may be nominated as a group as long as they meet the criteria for membership for one of the definitions in the JCR Awards Entry Form.

To nominate yourself or someone else, submit a written entry to the JCR between 300 and 1,000 words explaining the strategies implemented and why they were successful. Ancillary materials, such as photos, may also be submitted with the nomination. Nominations will be considered by the JCR editorial team based on the best fact-based story.

Please be prepared to offer documentation, verifiable sources, or other assistance as needed to be considered for these awards. The stories of the finalists will be published as featured articles in the March JCR.

Nominations are due by Oct. 31. Read more about the JCR Awards.

New NCRA CEO announced

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyThe Daily Record (Baltimore, Md.) posted an announcement on Oct. 2 about Marcia C. Ferranto being named NCRA’s new Executive Director and CEO. The piece was generated by a press release issued by NCRA on Ferranto’s behalf.

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How a house fire burned up a man’s murder conviction

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyWSB Radio, Atlanta, Ga., reported on Oct. 4 that a man serving life for murder had his conviction tossed out by Georgia’s Supreme Court because recordings and notes from his trial were destroyed in a fire at the home of the court reporter.

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New committee aims to promote court access for people with disabilities

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyA Sept. 26 press release by the Hon. Lawrence K. Marks, chief administrative judge of the New York State Unified Court System, announced the formation of the Advisory Committee on Access for People with Disabilities. The committee is charged with “developing an action plan to improve access to the New York State courts for all persons, including those with visual, hearing, communication, mobility, cognitive and other disabilities.”

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NCRA 2017 – Highlights from TCG’s trip to Las Vegas for the NCRA Convention

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyKendall O’Geil, the Captioning Coordinator for The Captioning Group wrote a Sept. 7 post on the company blog about her experience at the 2017 NCRA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. O’Geil, who is an associate member of NCRA in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, highlighted the opportunities to meet captioners she works with in person as well as seeing new and emerging technologies and equipment in the Expo Hall. “Even if you are not a captioner, court reporter, or realtime writer in any sense, there is a lot to be learned from attending an NCRA convention,” she said.

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Chaffey Joint Union High School District launches court reporting career program

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyInlandEmpire.US, Ontario, Calif., reported on Oct. 2 that the Chaffey Joint Union High School District has launched a career pathway program for students and adults interested in becoming court reporters. The article cites the findings of the Industry Outlook Report commissioned by NCRA in 2014.

In addition, in an Oct. 3 post on Business Wire, U.S. Legal Support, Inc., announced they are in partnership with the Chaffey Joint Union High School District in this initiative. The articles quotes the Aug. 8 post on LinkedIn by Jim Connor, RPR, CRR, CLVS, entitled “Court reporter shortage: What this means for the industry and for reporters.”

Reporteras de la corte: Una profesión bien pagada, pero poco conocida/Court reporting: A well-paying but little-known profession

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyA Sept. 7 article in the Spanish publication La Opinión highlights NCRA members Alma Zapata, RPR; Camille Márquez; and Adriana Montañez, who are all officials in Southern California. The article, which is in Spanish, discusses how each of them came to reporting as well as the benefits of a career in reporting, including salary potential, flexibility, and the opportunity to learn something new every day. The article also suggests that being bilingual is an advantage to learning steno.

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Tribal Council argues need for live stenographer for public meetings

JCR: Journal of Court Reporting,, JCR WeeklyIn an editorial published Sept. 25 on Cherokee One Feather, Robert Jumper argues in favor of hiring a live stenographer to write Tribal Council meetings. The editorial explains why the current system of using digital streaming and recording isn’t working. “Too many important actions are taken that impact our community to not have detailed accounts of the process,” Jumper says.

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Donate your old machine and case to the A to Z Program

"Donate your machine for the A to Z Program" -- Four different models of steno machines

The A to Z Program offers participants the opportunity to learn the basics about court reporting in a six-to-eight week introduction to machine shorthand program.

You can assist the next generation of court reporters and captioners.

There is a great need for used steno machines, chargers, AC adapters, paper trays, ribbons, tripods, cases, etc. If you have these items, the A to Z Program is looking for donations and loans to programs in your state or local area.

Stylized image of a hand holding a steno machine -- white outline on a purple backgroundDonate or loan your steno machine

You do not need to ship your machine or any other items at this time. You will be contacted when your items are needed. We ask that everything you donate is in good working order and has been cleaned. This is an introduction to our profession, and we’d like the experience to be a positive one.

Complete this form and NCRA’s Education Department will add your name and items to the database. When needed, you will be contacted by a local A to Z Program leader.

Are you interested in leading an A to Z Program?

A to Z Program leaders work with small groups of participants as they learn how to write the alphabet and numbers in steno. This program does not follow any particular theory. Program leaders receive free training materials after completing and submitting a program leader Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). For more information, view the A to Z webinar and read the frequently asked questions.

Marcia C. Ferranto named NCRA Executive Director and CEO

NCRA has announced that Marcia C. Ferranto, a nonprofit executive with more than 25 years of experience, has accepted the position of NCRA CEO and Executive Director. Along with her experience, she brings vast knowledge in the areas of leadership, relationship building, membership growth, and finance.

“Ferranto’s energy and passion are contagious. Her respect for members and staff, her intelligence and financial acumen, and her fresh ideas grabbed the attention of the board,” said NCRA President Chris Willette, RDR, CRR, CRC.

Prior to joining NCRA, Ferranto served as President and CEO of the Women’s Transportation Seminar International and the Women’s Transportation Seminar Foundation in Washington, D.C. During her tenure with WTS, she worked closely nationally and internationally with the U.S. Departments of Transportation and Labor, as well as federal, state, and local officials.

Other highlights of her tenure include a 100 percent growth in the organization’s membership, significant increases in its sponsored events, an increase in leadership programs to aid local chapters, and the development of an executive leadership roundtable that helped WTS link its membership to some of the most influential women thought leaders in the industry.

Ferranto has experience as an independent consultant assisting companies and nonprofits with strategic development. She also has strong branding skills.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Widener University in Chester, Penn., and is a graduate of the Museum Leadership Institute, Getty Leadership Institute. She has also served as a guest speaker at the New York University’s Master’s Program at the Steinhardt School of Education, Department of Art & Art Professions.

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